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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information is available on a Company Master Data?

    Company Master Data includes various information like Company Basic Information, Directors or Partners, Company Charges, Company Network, Documents, Address and Contact Info and Any activity happened over the years.

  • CIN (Corporate Identification Number) is a 21 digit alpha-numerical Code which uniquely identifies a company registered in India. You can find the CIN of a company by searching the name of the Company Name on our portal.

  • A company can be registered in India by obtaining a registration by submitting an application to the ROC (Registrar of Companies). The Company Name should be checked first for availability and only then should one proceed.

  • One you have the master data of the company, you can use the information in several ways to get an analysis. Check how long has the Company been in business. You can also check the charges of the company and know if the company has been profitable or not in the past few years.